have a new red cellphone


I just got a new casing and a new battery to let my phone live for one day be possible.
I know I’m not very talented and gentle when it comes to technology.
This hasn’t been the first time when i scratched and dropped any techies i owned.

this is my phone’s third casing….but i tell you, it needed more than 3 casing changes.
and this is my second laptop i’m using right now….
my first laptop ended up with a damaged motherboard, non-working battery, non-functional keyboard and touchpad…
all in about one year after being bought.
just when the warranty ENDED!!!
how mysteriously freaky.

and good thing! the screen of the laptop i’m using right now broke down before the warranty ended. haha.
i was able to use it.
i don’t know how i broke it though…hehe. 🙂



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