taking a tight grip on things

the days are really sad.
for one thing…the days are short.
i refuse to look at the calendar to see how short the time is.
for another thing, ang kulang na lang is my governor shouting over the phone to go back to Dumaguete already and fill-in my position as vice.

another thing: this will be the last summer i’ll have with my bestfriends as silly young dependents…although nica might be a little bit left behind because of the transferring issue and the weight of subjects.
also because: the guy i really wanted to talk to wouldn’t talk to me. and i don’t know why. and maybe, it’s for the best that we don’t talk at all. he’s hurting me intentionally, that i can only theorized. although i’ve always wanted to ask his friends if he was capable of doing so. but enough dwelling on that subject. i can only cry on things i can hope for. but now that there is no hope. it’s time to end this.

i’m starting to work now for the first time in several days…we’re expecting sheela in her very finite stay on monday (tomorrow) until wednesday.
šŸ™‚ i hope this will be fun.
and i hope no one will curse me for the choice i’ve made to solve my problem.

but hopefully, i would still believe there’s someone out there for me.
there has been instances in my recent life, thinking of the cat species i’ll breed in my future lola-hood, single, in a big old house, wrinkling and dying. maybe, i’ll go for dogs.
maybe, if i’ll be rich…i will go to Europe and to other places I’ve been dying to go to….and maybe he’ll be there. the man of my dreams.
the hope makes me happy.
but it makes me teary-eyed too.

au-revoir. c’est la vie.

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