There is an old rule saying that:
Whenever things become repetitive—-or routinary, things get easier…
okay, i made that up. but admit it, it sounded good and wise. haha.
But let’s get back to that saying:
It’s true, right? Whenever you do something again and again, you get so immune to it that it feels so normal.
I just wish that is true for break-ups too…and heartaches…since they both come in the same package…
I’ve been breaking up and making up with the same guy over and over again for the past few years of my life…
and it’s getting harder exponentially…(i got that term in sociology…so there are things i learned in SIlliman, after all).
WOOOOOOHOOOOO!! It makes me happy to finally get that off my chest….what’s the purpose of a blog anyways???

i always like this wtf emoticon. 🙂

chai! 🙂


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