now i’m remembering—this sux

BOF mania is getting on me.
(Note: BOF is showing on ABS-CBN, it stands for Boys Over Flowers which is the Korean version of the Taiwanese show Meteor Garden)
First: I’m starting to quote things from the show like:
(a) Oh. My. God. Terrible!
(b) You’re going to lose something important…for a woman….*loading* SCREAMS!!!! harhar
Then, while watching the show….i’m starting to talk to myself. Embarrassing…good thing I’m mostly alone watching the vids.
And then I remember some scenes…it might be heartbreaking for me to remember but at least i remember something from high school.
It was maybe from his birthday…we went to the beach…his family was there too.
and i think he was mad because i wouldn’t go to the water (i was going to say SWIM but at that time, I didn’t have the ability to do so.) where he was…the truth was, i was afraid of slimy things underwater…especially the seaweeds (ungh…) and sharp objects…and also because my parents told me i shouldn’t swim! hehe.
but then i got up the courage and i promised myself to swim…este…to go into the water for 30 mins. I even brought my watch to time that. The thing is I didn’t notice him walking out of the water before I went to the water. So probably he thinks i was waiting for him to come out, before I came in. SO he went to the water and sulked in the salbabida wandering aimlessly in the water…I tried to talk to him but he kept closing his eyes. hmpf….but that was fun. hehe. and!!! we fought after that. i remembered fighting tears while i was in the car.



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