my day

tuesday is the new thursday so it seems…
we are finally registered for voting!!!—except for kring2 since she had OJT until 5pm which covers the office hours of the government office.
But hey, if you’re going to register yourself….beware of the short browned hair girl, fair-skinned with blue make-up….she’s so mean!!!
there was brownout one time so she tried to hurry this one guy in scannng his fingerprints….i can’t believe she screamed at him just because he was poor or almost illiterate or something (almost since he knew how to write his name).
so, i told nica that that was very rude and she didn’t deserve to scream at him….she just works in a government office and probably doesn’t have high pay…well, i knew i said more than that but i quite forget what she said….later, surprisingly she became calm so i decided to not tell her to shut up and listen to what i had to say to her behavior.
and then after we left, nica told me my voice was so loud she could hear what i said.
Ooops….but good for her. she’s educated now. haha.

persons spotted:
Monday by sheela:
Tuesday by nica and chai
Jane Carl

so after that—we went to buy supplies for our scrapbook project with sheela and kristel….and we went to sheela’s house where i met sheela for the first time since january….
then instead of starting the project….we watched Devil May Cry, a God Save Our King episode, read Manga with sheela….and went out to eat Kikiam. Haha. With me there, they’ll never miss a day without kikiam.
And kikiam is best with coke!!! 🙂
So there goes my money….hehe
Anyways…then we waited for kristel to come…her OJT uniform is so cute…almost like Gossip Girl style.
then we continued watching until we started on our scrapbook project…but we only accomplished one part of the scrapbook….making its pagination…haha.
then kristel went home at 9pm and the rest of us cooked scrambled eggs and ate it for dinner…haha.
we resumed to our scrapbooking but then all we did was compare our drawings if our style is still the same a long time ago…haha. 🙂

sheela is now going to camiguin…
nica is going to study…
kristel is in her OJT in philhealth
me is sleeping….


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