Ok. So I didn’t sleep whole day as I planned.
I got my nails done!!!!
Well—I didn’t ask for colors to be painted on them but at least i got them cleaned professionally….
I’m declaring a Me-week to erase all the stress that my mind has been coming up even though I’m not really doing anything nowadays.

And then while staying in Sanbon Enterprises after grabbing an Avocado Thirsty shake (it was supposed to be a sweet corn shake but they ran out of it—and then it was supposed to be buko shake….but it still wasn’t available.), i received a text from a guy I met in college.
He told me he saw me go in Sanbon just now and asked if I remembered him.
Well—of course, I do. He was one of my vanmates in the fieldtrip for Econ 56, which included Boracay, Bacolod (funny! I’m wearing a Bacolod shirt right now) and Iloilo.
So girls, remember what I told you? Let me give you a recap:
“When I get to save enough money to leave the country and if I don’t find any boys for me to love here in the Philippines—I’m leaving!!!!”

Well—hold your breath, missies.
The tickets may just have to wait….or rot until my next planned summer getaway.
I might be getting an epiphany with this guy.
This guy is actually a friend of Santino because he’s from Bonifacio too.
What shccked me about him was that during our frieldtrip when we ran out of Knock Knock jokes and other jokes for that matter….we turned toward green jokes and after we laughed at our first green joke, he just said…I don’t think green jokes are funny.
We stared at him with our eyes and I was actually astonished at his decency…
Well, there.

Better read this, girls…you might not hear it from my mouth itself.
Although, don’t hold your breath….I might be getting weak signals.
And this might be a sign of desperation rather than passion.



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