okay…so i was trying to find a good picture of me hushing someone…hehe…but i could never accomplish that without looking stupid….:)
so i’ll just have to look the part—-the stupid husher…

anyways, CONFESSIONS!!!
I have seen a certain Dr. Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili sex scandal video…and I tell you—it was not pretty. The names of the people who were with me in seeing the videos (3 of them to be exact, it’s not just one…but the last one was the most ickiest thing I’ve seen so far, the other two were just dancing) are to be witheld in order to protect their reputation.
I can’t believe that Kho guy is a doctor!! GOsh, he’s the embarrassment of the doctors in this whole entire planet!
And Katrina Halili, in the video—it looked like you were being attacked!!! Sometimes it seems you were being eaten…ew…cannibal.
Anyway, we never lingered on a scene…mostly we sifted through the 24-minute video discovering their different styles and ahem…positions.
darn, I still don’t know why Kho videotaped that…this doesn’t seem to be something worth watching….in the last scene, he was opening and closing his legs, leaving us to wonder if he was wearing his briefs…or was that his…his…nevermind, in front of the video…as if he didn’t know there was no video camera recording every moment of that…hm…he may be planning to cut off the scene…of course. Because if I were to distribute that, I would cut off every scene that’s embarrassing on my part..
And GOD!! Dr. Kho…I will never look at doctors the same way again….even hot-doctors….especially hot-looking doctors.
And by the way, your dancing stinks….why would Katrina Halili thought of being taught in dancing by you?!! ew…I know you can afford a better teacher.

That will be the first and last viewing…ever!

Ew…to the nth time.

P.S. I’ve heard of the scandal since I was in Dumaguete….so the choice of people i was with ranges with the Dumagueteneos I hang out with and the Ozamiznons I walk around with.
Who were they? Now, that’s a secret I’ll never confess…XoXo. 🙂 

i think I combed my hair in the last picture…hehe. 🙂

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