seeing an old face

we were in dad’s office when I saw a person hanging with our “housemates” (people who do errands for my mother—-some people call them household help but that’s a bit too degrading, isn’t it? and the pay is not that good to be considered as a household help).
that wouldn’t have made any difference to me, except when he talked to my sister and asked me who i was, if i was her “other” sister….
and my sister simply replied…”she’s my only sister.”
he looked at me curiously, trying to find a trace of familiarity in my face.
i looked at him too, and i was wondering….was he a household help a long time ago?
and he looked at me finally with a smile I was familiar with and said, “Can’t you remember me?”
I just looked at him as if he said something very insulting and shook my head NO.
but then…embarrassment seeps in….i remember him now!!!!
he was my teacher in a computer subject during elementary….
GOD!!! how could i forget him!!!

Sir Junrey was his name.
I can’t believe myself. haha.


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