Dedicated to someone

i play mean guitar!!! haha.
so the song i’m posting right now—-i can really relate to this.
100% to the bashing and the psychotic rambles…haha…joke! don’t quote me on this if the word joke is not attached. people will be running scared away from me if anyone forgets it was a joke.

hm…:) i don’t know what percentage really i can relate to this song….i don’t want to admit that i want to relate to the chorus too.
so here it goes….
(P.S. I love the music video of this song…so invigorating…haha.)
dedicated to my ex-boyfriend, which we didn’t really officially break-up but his silence confirms it…his last reply to me was “Why?” and that’s it. End of Transimission.
Hm..he might be punishing me for all the waiting he did when we were still in high school…jeez….

Don’t Leave Me


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