after almost three days of reminding my sister to buy fresh milk and three eggs….cake!!!
english tea cakes—–ahem…actually, it’a just a ready-made mix…just add some fresh milk and three eggs…butter….and BOOM!!

and now i’ve learned three things:
(a) butter and milk do not mix. And I’ve learned this the hard way.
I kept on stirring these two things first and it never mixed!!! frustrating…i had to scooped the butter out of the milk and my sister got the eggs mixed with the milk…then the ready-made mix….then the butter….hey hey! i’m not that stupid…the box never said to follow the sequence. hmph.

(b) my sister should cook, not i.
hm…i don’t need to explain my lack of ability to “communicate” with the ingredients…we (the food and i) have only one basic agreement…if they taste good, i’ll welcome them into my stomach as long as there is enough space. other than that, i think we don’t agree on many things.

(c) i shouldn’t cook.

and the cake tastes good!!!! although it was a bit hard….well i think tea cakes should be dry because it’s meant to be eaten with tea. haha. 🙂



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