—went to Tudela today as usual in every Sunday.
and for once, it’s for a good reason: I needed someone to massage my back because it’s hurting (possibly due to imaginary stress—imaginary since i never really did anything to be stressed)…and my mom and dad heavily suggested this guy in Tudela.

I never knew that the little hut in the middle of the highway going to Tudela was called House of Suman….and just 5 minutes ago, we passed by the Siopao Factory…what’s next??
And it was selling—unbelievably…i would never thought suman would sell that fast.
And I bought a cup noodles there instead of suman because i was curious on this cup noodles….it’s new for me…although i know it’s been in the market for ages. it’s the first time i got my hands on it.

Then we moved on to our next usual trip: Lee Bakery.
But before that, my mom said we just passed by one of my old high school classmates but was disappointed when the person didn’t wave at us….I wonder who my mom was talking about—-I didn’t want to ask her because I might hear someone’s name I don’t want to be involved with. After all, he could have been John Ray….or John Mark…for all I care. Doesn’t Leonardo live in Tudela too? I kinda forgot.

After the usual spending in Lee Bakery—-I was sent to this place a bit far from the sentro of Tudela and got my massage….where I really suggested to my sister to try it so that her height could be stretch for some kind of push of miracle….i might add.

Then my mom went through her business in the public market…while we waited in the car….then we went to the ukay-ukayan where i chose this fabulous vest!!! 😉

Then for the first time in 48 years, I attended a rosary meeting.

——–i actually just lipsynch most of the time during the prayer because i haven’t really memorized the Cebuano version of the rosary yet.
I had a prayer book on my hand but i was ashamed to open it because everyone could see me (i was so near the altar—center of attention).

nyek nyek.


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