a very very long journey to the dentist

“I thought I would still be in extreme pain,
I feel nothing.
Give me more nothing.”

Haha. This was a very good opportunity to quote a line from my current favorite movie (if I just skip the obscene parts where I actually see the characters in their birthday suits) Sex and the City. This line was delivered by Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

An hour ago, I would have said that:
“Does my lip look bigger to you? I feel like there’s a big hunk of fat drooping on the left side of my lip—-which by the way feels numb because I just had RCT in the dentist. I know RC meant Root Canal…not sure about the T though…”

Now…it looks normal—-but it’s so numb i feel like I’m not in control of it.

What I liked about visiting a dentist was that I was allowed to be uncourteous and unresponsive (they appreciate more if you are actually unresponsive…if you are responsive, you might have just kicked the tools out of their container wailing for death rather than letting them stick their machineries on your teeth). So, they may have been asking me about school…my brother (because the dentist is the tita of my brother’s friend—who he practically lives with), if there was pain, on what my mom said…blahblahblah…but they contented themselves with my rolling-of-the eyes, closing and opening of my eyes, squinting when there was pain as my reply. Haha.
So as they were doing that, my heart and mind were racing….I had difficulty in breathing because my mouth was clogged up—i can barely swallow my saliva, my face was positioned in a way that i had difficulty in using my nose…..these were the thoughts that come to mind….

“Distract yourself…look at that butterfly decoration on the ceiling—you know Kang (my roommate) actually loves butterflies—especially pink ones”

“Hey, did that poster held by that guy in Wowowee say Tudela something? AGH…why didn’t I bring my glasses…”

“(insert name of ex-boyfriend), stupid stupid guy…darn! this hurts!! darn, if i get out of here alive….hay…”

“i’m gonna die…soon.”

“hm…i thought she said this was going to be bitter…i like the taste…hm…”

insert—I just saw the New moon movie trailer…fantabulous.

Then there were these two instances
Dentist #1*: You have to get used to this taste—-it’s very bitter…
Chai (thinking): This tastes like something i used to eat a long time ago….can i ask for more?

Dentist #2: You have to get used to this—it’s a very minty
Chai (thinking): It tastes like vaporub—yep, i’ve tasted that with my tongue…this is minty?! my toothpaste is much worse than this.

*I had two dentists because I had two procedures…the RCT and the pasta-pasta.

Don’t get me started on the 15-minute experience for the dental x-ray—hay. 🙂


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