“Where’s the toothpaste?!”

“Where’s the toothpaste?!”

I have a dentist appointment and I can’t brush my teeth—because the toothpaste is missing???
Who would have stolen a toothpaste?
And who forgot to buy a new tube?
—-and it was very timely since I was the only one in my family who was left in the house.

Good thing I saw this almost empty sachet of Colgate in the computer table….
when I was now brushing my teeth, I thought to myself:
“Am I sure this toothpaste isn’t expired?”

Then my mind drifted to the face of my dentist very disappointed when she saw how I neglect to check the expiration date of the toothpaste before using it on my newly repaired molars. Darn. Darn.

Well—-this time the procedure wasn’t hurting and scary—in fact, i’m looking forward for my next visit—October….when I turn twenty…and old….and…and…let’s save the teenage drama—or rather, the end of it—-for later blog entries.

During the dentist appointment, I learned a lot of things….
(a) The oldest driver according to the Guinness Book of Records 2001 was of the age 105.
(b) Geri Halliwell’s pop costume is the most expensive costume…and is now in the hands of the owner of the Hard Rock Cafe.
(c) Heidi Klum modeled this Victoria secret bra with sapphires and other jewelries on it—-you have to pre-order it and the bra will arrive in an armor truck complete with guards.

I learned that while waiting for the person in charge of my RCT (root canal treatment).

Haha….so I’m kinda…okay now…i think.

No more chewing gum…and hard candy for me…..darn. darn. darn.


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