Fuming *saved blog entry*

I feel like a ticking clock.
Have you experienced having someone sitting beside for hours in a day always reminding you of that guy?
Yes, that guy.
The him.
The L-word…
The word that my sister consider as a bad word because she gets scared at my expression whenever I hear the name.
Lord Voldemort II (He who must not be named part 2)

I’ll call him D. He’s younger than me and he’s part Chinese (on which part of him? I don’t know. I don’t intend to find out).

He has this old fashioned name. The type that you really hate because you read it in stories, hear it in movies…you know, just like L. A very common name. Just yesterday, I heard someone shouted, “L” to this American toddler in Unitop while we were shopping for brooms, rugs, clothespin—–and a nailtrimmer…i lost mine somewhere…I would like to say it was because of the flashflood but my nailtrimmer just undramatically disappeared, rearing away from existence.

He’s (I’m talking about D, not L) tall, fair-skinned, keeps to himself….(well, he doesn’t talk much to me but he does to his friends when they talk about DoTa and stuff—-what’s so interesting about that stupid game?). He moves so carefully—-in other words, slow…and retarded. But of course, I know he’s smart. He’s taking up Accountancy.

As I look at him in my peripheral vision, he has cleaner nails….better skin…i have more hair on my arms than his whole body!!! ahem….i might be exaggerating but that’s what i felt.

The only difference between L and D is that D is wearing glasses—-and in my opinion, with the wrong prescription…he seems to be digging his nose closer to what he’s reading even if he’s already wearing glasses.

But they are so very the same on making me feel that there is psychologically something wrong with him.

Anyways…i think i might just be fuming over the past. hahai. just let me fume so that this will end.

Mah Gosh. Why are boys having better skin and better looks than me? I’ve got to change…I’ll retype my shopping list and schedule myself for a rejuvenating make-over. I’m becoming part of the 20’s this year!!!!

Darn. Darn.

I shouldn’t think about D that way. He’s an innocent kid who just happened to resemble my ex or whatever L is to me anyways. Must. Concentrate. On. My. Council. Work. And. Feasibility. Study.

It’s a good thing that the flight plan thingy was cancelled. I have a leadership seminar on Independence day.

Fuming over.
Signing out.
Lalala-love me.


“there will always be faces
that you can never look at without emotion,
and there are names
you can never hear spoken without the same old feelings returning.”


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