‘Tis strangers are amusing

“Hmpf pwdi mkg txt nimu?f k ra!

It depends. f kaila ko nimo. kaila pd ka nako?”

‘Tis strange texters are the ones that entertained me but at the wrong timing. I admit there were times that i wish every time i look into my phone there is a message…even if it comes from a stranger. but in times of distress, text messages from strangers…tick me off.

well. well.
today is about texting.
there’s a forwarded message from sarah, my former highschool classmate.


choose one letter from the word, “LOVE MATCH” and i’ll tell you who’s your soulmate

send ko ung meaning…


And i chose A. which you will read below what’s the meaning….i posted the other letters so you’ll get your try on this. No peeking.

Choose a letter.

Here it is. Answers:
L: one of your friends.
O: your ex bf/gf
V: one of your classmates/textmates
E: haven’t met yet

M:your love now
A: ur best enemy
T: ur best frn
C: your crush
H: D sender

Good thing, I didn’t pick H. it would be so lesbo.
well..anyways…soulmates don’t mean they are the ones you’ll end up with.

so…A. My best enemy.
‘Tis fits the season to be jolly.
My best enemy—who could that be. XoXo.


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