i’m still me just a bit busier

i never had once in my life spit out this much phlegm…
you may have noticed my absences from the internet world…
aside from the council duties, school (which includes a feasibility study and practicum)—-i’ve been sick.

and this is a really awful time to be sick…
everyone seems so paranoid about H1N1 these days, they immediately looked like i’m carrying the virus.
their hands clutched as if for two possible reasons:
one, they’re ready to brace themselves for the run of their lives.
two, they’re ready to grab me and drag me into confinement (they’re willing to sacrifice their health for others…how noble…don’t touch me there!)

but it was definitely worse two days ago…
i actually believed myself as infected with a disease…
i actually asked kang to not come too near me

situation 1: i was coughing so hard for a few days…and i felt like throwing up….but nothing comes out of my mouth…
situation 2: there were times when i felt my temperature changes from normal to hot, vice-versa.
situation 3: muscle pains…so painful that i couldn’t sleep well at night.

dadadum…well, at least i consider being able to spit out the phlegm as a good thing…it means i’m getting better…:)



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