the other specie

I knew that when i get the time to grab my laptop i would do this very thing.
On the eventful day where i met this guy again.
and i’m not going to use letters to call him.
you know him…or at least, if you’ve been reading my blog entries since freshman year.
Ryan. Oh Ryan.
I’m not going to babble around the past, however, i’m going to tell you how we met again.

Pharmacia Mamita 7:30PM
Ay, Kang and I were looking for ice cream. I saw a familiar face behind me but I pretended not to care…ahem, I might not be pretending, I might really not care at all.
‘Tis almost strange (not stranger, just strange) guy grabbed me by the shoulders. I don’t know why he is so touchy, but I guess since he is still at lost on the riddle of what my name was he couldn’t call me to get my attention.
R: “Hey, long time no see.”
C: “Hey, thought i saw someone familiar”
R: “So you’re graduating?”
“Graduating. You?”
“You should shift courses.”
“I don’t see why I have to do that. Why are you here?”
“Buying coke. By the way, meet my brother (his name was slurred in my memory, shy boy–probably high school…too nice to be related to Ryan).”
“Hi. So where do you live?”
“Dumaguete (duh.), Claytown Area, around here.”
“Uh-huh…(trying to distract myself with ice cream).”
“So how’s your boyfriend?”
I was confused at this point, because I forgot if i told him the truth that I have a boyfriend, had one rather, or if I was just protecting myself by saying I have one.
“Secret that you have a boyfriend? Secret that you’ve broken up? Secret that he’s dead?”
“Just secret.”
“You must have killed your boyfriend then.”
“If I did, I wouldn’t tell you…I’d get imprisoned.”
“But then I know you killed him.”
“You don’t have any proof.”
“I’ll find some proof. I’d stalk you.”
Yeah, him being a stalker doesn’t surprise me.
“Go away. The line is getting longer, you won’t be able to buy what you want.”
“Okay, see you later.”
“Do you want to see me later? I’d follow you.”
“No. Go away.”

Although that was jokingly said, I was serious about the “go away” part. AND it doesn’t help that my boarding house is close to his territory.

Oh well. now my stay in this boarding house is getting more thrilling. Thanks to my pronounced stalker.
God. I wish I had a boyfriend now.
…hm. Maybe not.

that was bad experience with guys no. 1.
there’s another event just last week.

you know how the horoscopes get vague that every horoscope of every sign seems to apply to you?
there was a one time when my horoscope was heads on.
since being single applied to me (Gosh. what a surprise…), my horoscope on that very day that i was going to get a kiss from someone.
And I am very thankful….that it was an almost kiss, rather than a kiss.

It was outside school…near the convenience store.
There was this fatso wearing headphones…I was walking right pass him and there was this moment that we came very close to each other. He just whispered a quick, “HI miss” and puckered his lips almost touching my ear…
Good thing I was very occupied in buying myself food that I didn’t kick his ass where my feet could get warped in his asshole.

Talk about an unwanted kiss from a frog.


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