na-thriller na si Michael Jackson

okay, so this isn’t the biggest news to hit the entire planet.
condolence to those who grieve for him…
and i’m sorry if i’ll offend anyone…especially his spirit that might wake me during my deep slumber tonight,
but his career died way before he did.
so no one really talked about his death…except for some odd jokes…like na-thriller na si michael jackson. that one made me crack.

one death should be announced more than michael jackson’s did!!!
Bob (our kiosk) just got painted…which meant…the decorations we placed yesterday were shreaded (this is a bit exaggerated though, only the ends were damaged…the ones where the thumbtacks were pinned.) by the Building and Grounds people.
Huhu…oh well, we will push our case….our case of softdrinks that is….
we will push forward, and let the past be the past…..and continue cleaning and buying inventory tomorrow.

I’m the secretary!!!
i wish i’ll be working as a secretary someday. it’s a fun job to remind people of what they should do…review the minutes…make timetables….and ENCODE!!!!!!


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