kiosk ni bob 2

this happened on the first day of business…

there was a time when only rio and i were the ones left in the kiosk…
breaking the silence, rio looked up to me and asked what i understood about self quarantine.

and i thought

i just said that self-quarantine, for me, is a volunteer (or done with the willingness of the person) act of imprisoning yourself to the room, avoiding interaction with the other people to avoid spreading the virus, if ever you have one.

then she looked at me with her eyes wet…and then i thought:
OMG she has a friend who has one!!!
and i felt the urge to cover my hand, ACCCK!!!!
So it’s true??? There’s an A(H1N1) case here in Dumaguete????

She then went closer to me and said, Tell me more about this self-quarantine.
So this is not about A(H1N1).

It’s about a boyfriend who said he’ll be doing self-quarantine. Stupid boy using this term for something so bad….
So then i told her that well….what i told her was about H1N1, not related to a relationship. But if i make something out of the two, i guess it means that the guy chose to be alone, meaning he doesn’t want to talk….he needs his own space and etcetera….

GOD, please don’t cry…
please don’t cry…
i don’t know how to deal with people who cry….
she looked like she was in the verge of tears…

Good thing…she didn’t cry.

Meanwhile….to increase my money…i will do a consignment with our kiosk….SANDWICH!!! 🙂


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