i haven’t been active lately to the student council and that’s because of the kiosk and the feasibility study approaching its beginning.
so i kinda thought the party would be a drag….


i wasn’t able to see the program…the gimmicks…intermissions because i was guarding the food distribution of tempura, tocino and funchum. haha.
but after that….
we danced for two hours non-stop.
lipsynched on stage even though the lights are on us and everyone would recognize US.
slow-dancing with the girls…
jai ho with the koreans…
and just plain jumping, kicking like crazy….holding up the microphone as if you’re singing…

i don’t have any pics though…sayang…but i enjoyed it.
we’re gonna disco someday with the girls. haha.
and probably go to siquijor when kiosk time is over. hehe.

senior year….so drama.
more details soon to come.


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