a tale told by a survivor

Almost slept.
Well…if you don’t call dozing off a few seconds sleeping that is…it won’t be called sleeping.

after long hours in staying at the kiosk comes the most exciting subject ever…with a teacher who’s very enthusiastic in reading her notes in front of the class, rather than actually discussing it.

i tried.
really…not to sleep.
it’s been almost a month when i never really got close to dozing off in the classroom in this very subject…taught by this very teacher.
(she said she taught two times in Ateneo…wonder how those students felt—or whether they really have IQ and perseverance in keeping their eyes and ears open).
and then!! BAM…failure.
i sat directly in front of her, with twitchy eyes….
my vision’s been bothering me…
my eyes seem to move by itself blurring the very vision of my teacher’s face reading…reading…and reading her notes she posted on her blog in the website!!!!
there was a time when i pretended to really have a epiphany and put my hand over my eyes as if i was thinking….reflecting…when i was only trying to rest my eyes a bit.
but it never worked.

so then my body began to take control…i was sitting up (i didn’t realize what was happening at this point)…and then i remembered just letting my eyes close…body rest while crossed-legged…..and then BAM! my slipper on the right foot fell.
MY EYES WIDENED, my body shooked as i looked at my teacher.
hm…i wonder if she noticed.
well…i heard a few snickers behind…they must have noticed it.
and after that incident…i became awake.
and smiled to my teacher for the rest of the session…

hay…reminder: bring coffee on 1PM class.
pinch my arm while she’s talking.


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