if my facebook shout-outs…

if my facebook shout-outs,
were as private as my xanga….
then it would have said.

Charmine: thinks “was i just asked out for tea?”

I’m always a fan of the Brits…and have a deep curiosity in their want of tea during tea time…
and i thought it’ll be while before someone actually asks me for tea…
actually, i really thought it will be a while or inhumanely possible for me to be asked out so casually…
we were chatting on the net, this classmate and i…
and then he suddenly mentions tea!
and he asked if i liked tea…
sure…iced tea?
haha. okay, i actually like hot tea…and am willing to try out new flavors.
and woah..he’s drinking tea at this time.
we were talking about our favorite flavors…and i liked mixed fruit and the one with the cranberry, raspberry and strawberry…
he liked red tea.
and he suddenly mentions cafe antonio (i just had dinner there a few hours ago), and he asked if i would like to have tea sometime.

dum dum dum.
and no, i did not exactly yes…and definitely not a no.
my reply to his asking me out was: in cafe antonio? that’s the place where i had my first hot tea…

owkie…i did not really expect to be asked out so i panicked.
and i had to go because i was going to research about poultry farms…for my feasibility study.

i was just asked out for tea????
was this guy real?
maybe there’s hope for me after all…and it isn’t inhumanely possible for me to be asked out.


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