culture shock at kiosk ni bob

when justin, a korean exchange student, pointed johanna (our very very talkative girl in class) as his example of culture shock during our HBO class—that was funny.
here’s something funnier:
five koreans came to our store (kiosk ni bob, near cba bldg—come one, come all. guess who’s bob?) to order five bottles of mountain dew…left the kiosk carrying the bottles with them. they were later spotted throwing the bottles in the trashcan. there goes our deposit to Pepsi!!!

here’s something hilarious:
six different koreans came to our kiosk and ordered different Pepsi Cola products.
our solution?
we have one rule: if they are koreans (sorry for being discriminating), we will have to place it in a plastic cellophane.
their puny little eyes bulged to the size of an average person’s eyes when they saw they were given drinks in a plastic…
culture shock?

kiosk ni bob moments…
rio: “unsa ato?”
boy: “naa moy mineral water?”
rio: “gamay,dako?”
boy: “gamay lang…ay..naa mo c2 na yellow..”
rio (getting to the cooler to get c2): “hala…wa na ra bay yellow”
boy: “ah..unsay naa?”
rio: “yellow..”
boy: “aw..kana ra.”

the rain is shrinking our brains….


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