good evening, gossip people.
it’s after S’s party…and who’s coming home with whom?
i’m with my roommate of course…don’t let your mind overtake reality.

listen to my gossip girl voice. šŸ™‚
so funny…especially when i said xoxo…so…ugh.

anyways….it’s so late and i’m pretty sleepy.
make-up’s off but not before i get some pictures….
of course, i’ll still get the official pics from the photostudio…
but meanwhile, rest your eyes on these.

you know you love me.
gossip girl

i just had to let you see my ring….i really bought the ring, earrings and the bracelet for the occasion. šŸ™‚


just me.

put a ring on it (single ladies!!)

 trying to take a pic of my whole body….clearly a failure, so gotta wait for the official photogs.

it’s not complete without a wacky posse.



ring (150Php), bracelet (60Php), earrings (25Php), dress (499Php)—-how cool is my outfit,…cut the hair and braided it myself…

cupcake with S!!!!

clearer picture of my earrings…

xoxo~gossip girl


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