The Meat and the bits *Kiosk ni Bob Moments plus more

[currently researching on how to boil the perfect eggs….nope, this has no analogy attached to it, i’m really researching on this one to make the perfect egg sandwich—new obsession]

first, bits of information before i get to the goodies…

(a) Kiosk ni Bob moments

“Do you want lemonC2 or c2 apple?”
– Bob, a.k.a. Timoy

Timoy: Psst…chai, what did that girl say?
Chai: Hm…*in a small voice* Napkin please.

VInson: Di na ko kalihok diri bisan kami ra duha ni Rio dinhi…
Timoy: Samot na kung madungaggan aning usa…
Kat reacts and pushes Timoy to a customer.

Timoy relates what he will do with his share in profit…
Timoy: Bai..palit jud ko og shoes na (.., ed note: sorry, i forgot the brand name). my dad’s sandals lasted for four years until now. ang katong adidas sa ako papa, 2 years ra ang kinabuhi…nagpout na ang lips sa sapatos…”juice”* ra man unta to…na-“soup”* man nuon.
Kat: May gani dili “tsaa”*
Rio: Ayaw mo pagsturya bastos diri ha…
*hm…i can’t explain this…it’s too obscene of a joke. haha. owki fine, i’ll do it. we had a joke sharing one time and Timoy said…if virgin pa daw, “juice” ang order. if nakatilaw na, “soup” daw…if grabe na…ahem..”tsa-a”. the joke is funny if you emphasized the pronunciation… kinda shows how big the ….you know what i mean.

Timoy lies down on the bench, half naked with his feet up.
Chai: Gituyo na nimo?
Timoy: Huh?
Chai: Na muhigda ka dira para way muduol na customer?
Timoy: Manuol na sila ron.

While checking the inventory of the kiosk, a candy drops on the floor…
sheena picks it up and automatically opens it and eats it…without thinking
and that was a start of the many events that follow…
Kat: Niabot na og 200Php akong nagasto karong adlawa ani na kiosk…
Chai: the end of this business, pila kaha ka percent sa atong profit ang gikan ra sa atong bulsa….
Rio: Walay utangay diri…(telling to a customer friend)
Chai: …delayed payment ra.

Rio: Chai, wa jud ko nakahuna-huna sauna na makasulay jud ko ani…
Chai: Ug unsa? heartbreak?
Rio: Sakit kaayo chai..lami iiyak…joke.
Chai: Is that half-meant…or double-meant?
((she actually thought my joke was cute.))



even with the “distractions” which someone is currently responsible for. i’m planning straight towards my goal.
i have one idol.
and that is…Ma’am Yee.
Actually, she’s Atty. Yee.
And she’s my teacher in Business Law.
She’s pretty, stylish…and very fluent in teaching law to us.
She’s also kind…even though she’s 40…and then she looks like early 30’s.

she’s single.
a public attorney—so she helps the community with her advises and defenses
but she’s happy.

when we were talking about her…
(aside from trying to figure out how she kept her hair fixed—-there’s a rumor that when she plays badminton…her hair just sticks in its place….
aside from trying to figure out why she has rosy cheeks…and what’s her secret on still looking young at her age)
Timoy: Bale..sah. daghan tingali naibog og nanguyab ana niya during college noh. estimate nako naka-15 na siya og suitors a year.
Sheena: Pero wa man siyay uyab noh…or fiancee…
Timoy: Di man gud siya mauwat *big smile*
Chai: ….
Vinson: Musulod gud ko BusLaw para makakita lang niya…
Chai: ….

i decided i want to be like her.
happy, but single.
or the other way around.
helping the community (but i’m not enrolling to law anytime soon)
most of all…SINGLE.

get the message?


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