Taking security and forming it to an occupation is the origin of guards…

why am i bothered by this guard???!!
okay, i’ll explain.
the boardinghouse that i’m currently staying in has 2 guards, one in the evening…and in the morning.
now, i like the guard in the evening…after 8PM.
now the guards during the AM shift—-are well…annoying…
especially the latest guy.

urgh…after having to deal with the worst driver ever…
after coming out of school from the inventory count in the kiosk, i rode on a motorcab asking him to drive me to Valman. he said yes so he drove on.
now, he stopped across Valman instead of in front of Valman…and he suddenly extended his hand for the money.
and i said, “sabot nato sa valman.”
he said, “pero mudritso naman ko.”
after grunting, and cursing…i finally gave him my money and said, “basta valman atong sabot unta…kasohan nako ka ron…1014 (no. of his motorcab).*

so i walked across the street, grunting and cursing under my breath and this guard just came in.
i just nodded to him in frustration.
and he said, “Cha, niuli ka kaganinang udto? (I just replied…basin. ambot.) Ah…sige text dira ha…bag-o lang gani abot.”
ARGH. First point: if he was really guarding the entrance, he would’ve known I went home or not. Second point: what is my texting activity get to do with just arriving in the bhaws??!!! it’s not like i just went home from a date and i’m still texting the guy…SUS!

a day of bad services.

i haven’t eaten dinner yet…and i don’t want to go down, knowing that guy is there.
stories from roomies and boardies..
he asked for my number.
kang: he also asked for my number.
chai: oh, he didn’t ask me. but he asked me where i went and why i went home late….duh…
mai: he also asked me for my number, and ugh!! samok au siya…

kang: he knocks on our door oftentimes to ask if chai and ysa is in the room…there was a time i ignored his knocks and when i went down, he told me i was a deep sleeper murag sleeping beauty…duh…


let us forget the bad times and congratulate ourselves with pictures…hehe:)







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