i got a Bible from Raymond Sanchez…haha.
He was one of the speakers during the leadership convocation. 🙂
i got a Bible for free!!

—-and it’s hardbound…:)

Delayed Blog Entry:
wah!!! finally, i can write in the blog…
i’ve been so waiting for this moment. haha. 🙂
there was something wrong with the xanga blog for the past few days.

ok…i’ve been far away from my lappy for too long. hehe.
anyways, this is the story.

summation, first:
our college governor is such an ass…and you didn’t hear it from me.

story time.
this is about one topic…
that involves two people…but
only one ends up with it.
it’s called a resignation…
it’s either yours or mine.
and if you don’t resign,
i’m declaring the right of the council members to impeach you.
and if you don’t get impeached, i’m excercising my right to resign.
owki…i’m being too far out.
i’m proposing an IPR tomorrow to our adviser. hehe.

i feel so tired.
reporting for leadership…
display for HBO…
portal….yearbook committee…

AHHHH!!! i can do this. please don’t distract me, whoever you are.
just disturb me after i graduate.
and hopefully get a job.

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