lucky for her

as you all know, kang’s boyfriend is a nautical engineer graduate who is now travelling all over the world…but NOT ANYMORE.
for two months, their ship has landed in the Philippines and he is to reside her for at least two months.
and for the very few two months that he could spend with his family, he chose a few days off…..
…and came to Dumaguete for her.

Aw…as we now speak, i’m alone in the room…Kang just came in just a few minutes ago. But she didn’t sleep here.
I don’t care what others would think about that, but at least she’s happy…and her boyfriend is here to give her happiness she long deserve.

Now…what about me?!
I’ve been talking about no boyfriend and the possibility of no family in the future…
i am so immature…
i’m depriving myself of happiness just because i had a failed first relationship…
i remember what nica’s mom told us once,
“for the first boyfriend, make sure it’s really LOVE. when it fails, the second boyfriend is the tool to get over it.”

though i believe in the first part, the second part is kinda harsh for the second boyfriend.
i wish my boyfriend would really make an effort to make me happy (e.g.
Bring me flowers, stufftoys,
Make me cards during my Bday and Valentines,
Come unexpectedly for a visit…
text me everyday…even though he’s not in the mood for it,
really have good and funny conversations together)
i wish my boyfriend would be huggable, make me feel pretty everyday…and really push me to make an effort on myself (like making me comb my hair or something….)

i don’t care if i sound selfish anymore…being happy is one way to survive.
and i can’t move on with this deprivation of happiness anymore.

hay…i haven’t written this much emotion ever.
okay…time to move on with life. BREAKFAST.


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