Okay, I just woke up and I’m still sleepy.
I’ve been sleeping and eating the whole day.
So…Just got back from my trip from Jollibee.
And I got to meet my weird friend…
Guys, meet Ryan again.

A very bad situation.
I was at the end of a long line for the counter…
…and another dot was behind me in polo and Sunday Church smell…Ryan.
additional to the bad situation:
i’m wearing my short PE shorts, my big T-shirt and my jacket….alone.
good thing: I’m cellphoneless (you’ll understand once i get to the point)

so we had one of those waiting-along-the-line conversations, where i try to end the conversation every chance i get.
but he just doesn’t shut up.
there was this one part of the conversation when he’s asking me if i had a boyfriend (i preserved the answer i’ve been giving him…secret.)
…where i lived (somewhere around here)
…and he asked my opinion on a situation that i didn’t actually listen very much because i was very sleepy.

but i do remember this…
that if he will know that guy who’s been texting his friend with MWAH at the end of the messsage,
a guy named ray…with no family name…
he’s gonna ruin his reputation, wreck his relationship with his girlfriend, etcetera, etcetera… (i barely listened to him)
and i replied, “and that’s why i never tell you my name.”

oh. but you’re my friend. i would never do that to you.

yah, whatever.

so i’m going to call you the-girl-i-never-know-her-name-since-first-year. after i graduate, i’m planning on this business. hope you’re going to help me with it.

ah…but we’re never going to see each other, right?

so give me your number…

ahahahaa…(good thing i left my cellphone). i didn’t bring my cellphone. i forgot my number.

and now it’s my chance to give my order.
i was going to kick his ass for talking to me but..
1. there’s his family…
2. we’re in jollibee…there are children out there.



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