dum…dum. dum.

C walking long-paste (aka opposite of short-cut) to her 7AM class.
Sesinando driving on a motor (already got over the fact that he had a vehicle when i couldn’t even dare drive one) and asking me where I’m heading so he can take me there.
C not accepting the offer for ___ reasons:
1. i like walking (that’s what i said to sesinando)
2. i do not ride on a single motorcycle with a person who’s about the same age as me in Dumaguete City.
no offense, i like the driver….not the motorcycle.

you should have seen me one time riding behind vrymeer for our feasibility study.
it was a good thing something broke his motor sidemirrors…or else he would have satisfied himself laughing at the look of my face—-whitened….mouth chanting a prayer…that as of now i couldn’t remember what i told God…i know think that even God must have recorded how I said it to him so he can show it to his angels for an eternity of bliss…
the moment vrymeer’s phone rang in his pocket and he grabbed it…
i immediately told him the driver’s golden rule—philippine version.
don’t text when you’re driving!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!

ahem…more motorcab driving moments soon….or now.


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