it’s cold

and i can attest to that with this example…
i came in to the girls’ comfort room and for the first time…
full cubicles. (first time in terms of no presentation, any significant event that may lead to this).
it’s significantly COLD.
but by the time i went outside, it’s sunny spring again…global warming? whattup??

“chai, kamusta na?”
remember that walk or adventure i had with my sleeping shirt?
of course you do, that’s the previous blog entry yesterday…duh.
okay, so a few minutes of walking after logging out of the internet cafe…
i decided to drop by Sted’s convenience store to buy wait for it—–Taquitos (black) and moutain dew can.
it’s a set of comfort food….i also like mango ice cream with cereal paired with a glass of water.
so, moving on…
i got to meet ketch on the way, he’s this guy that i think i like but not enough like…just like enough because he’s a good guy and he hates green jokes…(i mean that’s rare, who else hates green jokes? i may be thinking of two people right now).
so he said hi, i said the same.

end of story.
so i went inside the sted’s convenience store and before i even grabbed the taquitos bag and squirm out for Mountain dew. i received a text…
and it was…from him…no not that him who used to be my boyfriend and misscalls in his convenience and for whatever reason he comes up with. him…as in the guy we were talking about a nanosecond ago (depends on how fast you read).
he asked me,”chai, kamusta na?”

and i go, what??!!
i couldn’t reply to him.
does that mean my wearing of the big sleeping shirt, paired with a used-to-be skinny jeans turned just plain pants with awkward figure made me look sad and weepy??
so i didn’t reply to him and asked myself….whattup??!! get a life.
and i didn’t say that to him coz poor him, he’d get hurt.

hey, have you noticed…that i’m found of using “whattup?!” and ‘waif for it—“?
that’s what i get when i watch too many how i met your mother episodes.



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