the adventures of my sleeping shirt

okay, it’s a typical lazy sunday…
tons of work moved to this day but i chose to wait for the dark before starting to cram.
and i’m walking around dumaguete—wait for it…
wearing my sleeping shirt…the shirt i wore during my sleeping in hours this morning and part of the afternoon.
and while walking around the city, i saw this big huge news headline…
“Bye, Cory!”
don’t worry, it wasn’t a surprise for me.
there were three instances that God gave me to make myself know that…
(1) roommate who calls her parents every single morning and night, informed me of her death
(2) during our feasibility meeting, timoy *not my groupmate but he was still there to drop the news yet again* said that cory waited for august and now a few hours from August, she passed away….should’ve waited for December, he said. and that was when this dumbass miscalled my number and i thought…damn…he felt miserable on Cory’s death that he felt like he should talk to me….a few hours later, damn, one misscall, that’s it? he should delete my number for avoidance of further distractions.
(3) facebook friend shouted out the message…drag….

okay, apart from thinking of Cory’s death—i was also thinking of something dynamic….NEW HAIRSTYLE FOR THE PORTAL YEARBOOK>>>>>>whatuup???
i’m planning to download hairstyle pics and edit my photos….and try to put up a poll for my friends to vote on what hairstyle i’m going to risk myself next…

see you.
mwah! 🙂

shirt adventures:
(1) drove to the downtown area wearing the shirt + think shorts to Mcdo for lunch
(2) sneezed on it this morning during the rain—and now it’s damn hot…miss the rain already….bagyo please come again.
(3) met with my feasib mate in school
(4) walked around

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