i learned something

after we had the SEX talk in the kiosk…
wait, we had a SEX talk…you ask?
yes, we did.
we had different names for it…
Home Base
—-maybe lots more.

but i learned something non-sexual.
MY IDEAL GUY v. infinity
i want a guy who has the following characteristics:
(a) listens to me and remembers what i tell him…
(b) talks to me about himself…and asks me about myself
(c) will make me feel comfortable
(d) someone who i will have great memories with

timoy taught us (all girls in the kiosk) that:
(a) for boys,
a relationship with no sex, walay lingaw
a relationship with sex, pagkadugayan way lingaw

(b) being listened to by boys,
boys remembering what you like and don’t like
your simple conversations with him…
…may be simple and ordinary tasks…
but it actually shows that the boy cares.

hay…just watched harry potter yesterday and the boy-from-past texted while the movie was going on.
i don’t really know why he’s still doing this.
i guess he just enjoys hurting me.
but it won’t work anymore.
when i graduate, i’ll never see him again.
because i know, he and i are like two dots in the map, moving around from place to place…but naturally repelling each other.
DunDUn….if he was who he was in highschool, maybe he’d have a chance. but i can’t change him back…oh well.
moving on.

kwek2 tastes good. lami!!!!


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