dawn of the dead—really WITNESSED it.

there were six of us [me, cha2, nel, xena, vinson, timoy]
and we did nothing…
we didn’t look at each other,
but each of us could feel that our mouths were left wide open at the seen before us…
…i lived to tell you the story.
it happened just a few hours ago
wide open space…
the weather hot; and the ground crackled with bits of dusts in the air…
SCREAMS…echoing around this empty wide open space….
they were coming…
…worst, they were COMING RIGHT AT US.

so, let’s start the story with how i began my day,
7:45 minutes—-15 minutes to 8AM, i’m sure going to be late.
but don’t worry, i’ll budget my 15 minutes:
no shampooing of hair,
just soak last night’s undies in laundry water
don’t fix bed
brush teeth while combing hair….
8:45 DONE!!! 🙂

so…i’m pretty late.
so i went to the SU BALL FIELD to do our usual Saturday duties of selling to the ROTC students.
And when 9:30 came….
that’s where we left off our first story…
they were coming at us….
we were all standing near the coolers,
cha2 was guarding the cash box,
open mouths, we saw them…
it was all familiar to my sight….
i remembered high school when we were watching dawn of the dead in the moviehouse…
this looked exactly like it….
instead of blood-thirsty fast running supposed-to-be-dead people running for our throats….
we see hundreds of water thirsty ROTC students towards the shocked sellers.
it was ALL bAD….

first scene:
“mineral water please”
and they shove the money right on your hand…
what could you do?
i grabbed mineral water from Timoy’s cooler (i was assigned to the C2 Big and Small)…and..
the cooler’s cover dropped on my arm!!
right now my arm is hurting from that experience which happened about 4 times within 30 minutes.

second scene:
“wait, i’ll get change for your 100Php”
“cha, give me 75Php”
“miss, here’s your change…”
“we can’t get near to the coolers because of the students…”
“oh no…”

but it was all worth it,
when cha2 counted the money…within the 45 minutes waiting plus 30 minutes of hell….
we got 3750Php, not including the 2000Php already in the cash box.
Way to Go!!!

next week napud…..


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