the week

i know i’ve been posting a lot of things in the web…
but those things are so far from the meat of this week.

nothing interesting except earning 4000k almost 5000k in the kiosk….and sheena, our general managr (GM) was sick.

closed kiosk to meet with sir montenegro for our monthly kiosk meetings.
sir said we were the kiosk who enjoyed the activity the most….and the most hardworking to add.we may have issues, but they can be resolved easily.
and the kioskmates got even closer after that….aahem, except for ate ana.
okay, so i never mentioned ate ana.
ate ana…
i never really know her age…
…but she’s older than us…
and possibly older than our teacher.
i don’t really want to talk about her,
but for us to relate to each other (reader to writer relationship),
i’ll say one thing:
she’s damn annoying
and possibly, that’s not enough to describe how i don’t like her.
but let’s stop at that.

by tuesday night, we walked around the city after the usual counting…
stayed around the city until 11:30 PM—-whattup?!
i’ll wait for sheena to post the pics via facebook…. for the pics.

you know we should remember this day…
cory aquino has given us so much that shouldn’t matter if she didn’t sacrifice…
but she sacrificed her safety and how people measure her sanity…
besides, it was not only freedom that she gave us…
…it was also….
…a holiday.
although i do have words to say about the freedom…how people abuse it…
but everyone knows that it is for the love of the Filipino.
no class so….i
watched harry potter….
and then hyacinth texted me,
“goodbye, cory”
and i replied with pure awe in the bottom of my heart,
“sorry, wrong number. dili ni si cory.’


nothing much…i can’t remember thursday…

we now schedule kiosk nights every friday…too bad i didn’t go on this friday…my stomach felt funny…
next time napud!! 🙂
no inventory counting on fridays…we do it on saturdays during rOTC….

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