sorry for the wait, it’s been a long time since my last blog entry…
…and that’s because i dislike typing bad news….like losses, and things like that.
but let me tell you what’s keeping me from the breathless yet loud crying…(i did that friday morning…i was screaming supposedly until someone would knock on our door and try to quiet me down….but that never happened…so i just stopped when i got tired)….
it’s the faith that there are good people who will return those things to me,
i don’t care how they will return it to me…mail it back…leave it in the trashcan near our door…insert it in my laundry…
just return it…
…especially the IDs (i am planning to get a new ID because of the new layout….but i was planning to keep the old ones for souvenir), ATM card, necklace….
another something that made me through is the fortune teller…
i never told anyone in the kiosk about me losing money…
ate Ana, one of our kioskmates, knew how to predict the future by the use of playing cards…
and she told me my wish (i will never tell you) will come true…along with money….6-10K.
okay…so that 6-10K money is a little bit high…and far out, but i’m hoping for that to come true….
and also the fact that someone will invite me somewhere (aha! someone did ask me to go to Cafe Antonio Friday night, hours after the prediction).
and also the fact that a girl will talk to me and confess that she’s pregnant…hope that’s not Cha2.

she’s a bit good in predicting…considering that she’s not friends with this girl in our kiosk…
when it was her turn to be told of her future…
ate ana got these things right: she has this boyfriend…and this boyfriend does not have much feelings for her and only stuck with her because of money…and the guy has another girl na…get this term, “ka-kama”
oh no, rio. told you to dump him.

will tell all when i feel a little bit better about all these losses…


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