stressful back…aching face

or the other way around…


Push things to the next level with someone cute — go deep down into who they are.


Financial issues are making you a little crazy right now but you can get past them, In fact, you’ve got to, as someone close is just about to head down the same path and you need to warn them away!

cute!! i think i know who the horoscope meant….and i’m sorry—my frequent reader, if you’re really there feeling the cold cold wind—it’s not you. this may make in your list of the most disturbing things posted by chai.
but well…since this is a form of eavesdropping….that’s what you get from eavesdropping…you never hear what you want to hear….in this case, you don’t get to read, what you want to read.

fashion show night in CBA…and this ‘boy’ looked like a model. he said he was going to join the runway…
…too bad ‘when it was his turn’ we were distributing the attendance slips to the CBA students….
at the end, it turned out he wasn’t going to be in the runway….it was just a joke..
…but boy, he was wearing an awfully special outfit for a false runway….he’s probably impressing a girl…haha.
but anyways, it was cute.

will be bright and early tomorrow…but not for my class….she (the teacher) is such an ass to have a class during founders’ week.
i’m going early for the CBA feeding program.
see you!!!


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