as always, frustrated

would you rather have people telling you flat-out that they don’t like you or would you rather have suck-ups kissing your butt but backstabbing you and hating you to the core?
well, whatever…my teacher seems to enjoy the suck-ups even more…or is it a sad truth that she, herself, can’t identify who’s being true or not?
how sad.
but at least, there’s moi and some few brave souls who are very “vocal” about their hatred on the teacher who’s teaching what she can’t even do.
Those who can’t do, teach. And those who can’t teach, teach gym. ~Dewey Finn (School of Rock)
aw…too bad, she can’t teach gym…because she’s almightingly fat!!!
you can tell that i’m frustrated by noticing that i’m making up words—-terribly.

i’m so going to write at least a one-page, single-spaced letter of complaint slash evaluation death threat…….better slash the last part for legality sake….
…i literally went up to the evaluator and asked her where their office is ‘coz i’m planning to write a special evaluation…
she told me that their office was the Office of Instruction connected to the HRD then to the VPAA…
hm…but then someone else cut in the scene and asked her bluntly, “When is the evaluation of Ma’am C——?”
haha…clearly, i’m not alone.

ahem…if i do have a very low grade on her subject, i have proof that i don’t deserve it…i did get the highest score on the two major exams…ahem…
so bring it on, Ma’am C….bring it on…

bwahahahahhr…evil laugh….from my little body.


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