toga pics done!

actually i was torn between saying grad pics and toga pics as the title for this blog entry…i’m not yet sure about graduating.
so i chose to say toga pics done!!!
and leave “grad pics done” blog entry title for next semester.

it was a fun day….but aside from being torn on which title i should use, i was also torn on what i should do on saturday.
actually, doing the toga pics, i thought during saturday morning, was far off from my to-do-tasks until i spontaneously did it.

Activities i should be doing and their status on saturday
Seminar on Yearbook Making (Third time but with different publishers): late, left early
Selling during RO: done! no dawn of the dead during the day—-which is good for my nerves, not so good for our sales
Sportsfest: the governor (ugh! hate him) informed me so late at night i was already asleep, so left this one setting somewhere in oblivion…

These were only three things but they were supposed to be done at the same time!!!
And that day was supposed to be the last day of pictorial!!!
good thing, i survived.
put my make-up on…going to the parlor…so expensive…i should just save on buying another broadband…or that d—-thingy…
bought a few make-up essentials…aside from what i already have….
a new liquid eyeliner…i was supposed to buy the black one but it was unavailable so i stuck with the blue…
lipcolor…orangey…love the orange but it does not love my skin color…

i already have
cheek tint
eyeshadow from sheemah
pencil eyeliner…brown, blue and black

love it!!

ahem…but i think i won’t like my picture…don’t expect much beauty….

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