JBEAST: The Spontaneous Plan on the Siquijor Trip

Before the Siquijor trip—there was JBEAST!!! haha.
it’s actually J-BEST:
i won’t tell you what i learned coz that will be pretty boring…haha.
i’m here to post some pics!!!

all CBA graduating students are made up and they’re looking prettier than before…

here’s the full-view of what i wore during the “dapat-formal” event.

foot up!
vinson, tindera sa Mommy Ying’s, Timoy, Xena, Shiela
photographer: Sheena

happy Birthday, CHA!!! 🙂

KIOSKMATES: me, kat, basil, harlene, rio, nel, lourdes, xena, sheena
vinson, vincent, timoy

with other batchmates:
Jen, Basil,, me, harlene, kat, essien, rio, nel, lourdes, felix, xena, —
jessa, jude, vinson, sheena, ——–, vrymeer, timoy, vincent, bliss, viviene, jareena, marc, phem2

we were supposed to go to a photo studio to take a group photo of our kiosk…but then some KJs didn’t go because of other plans…we just decided to eat lunch
…and on a stop (pharmacy) towards our destination…

—–we decided spontaneously to go to Vinson’s homeplace: Siquijor…in 1 1/2 hour!!!

i didn’t have money…so i just borrowed sheena’s money since she offered.

next stop: SIQUIJOR!!! excited for my sexy video dance? hhahahaha…

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