Our ‘Rest Time’ for tomorrow’s big day…

ahem…original plan was…
go back to dumaguete at 5Am..but it was changed…and we moved our departure schedule to 12NN.



Let’s recap on what happened 3-4 hours before this picture was taken.

ahem…i’m not an alcoholic…and this is not my first time to drink.
i don’t like the taste of beer or its effect on my system…
but i like how it brings us closer. 🙂

wa pa gani kainom…haha. look at lourdes’ face!! (ding!)

we had this game…where we compare each other’s card….but before we know which card we hold, we have to dare the person to our right.
when we see our cards and see that we got a card of smaller value compare to the person at the right, we have to do the dare we challenged them. hehe.

DARE: wear ding’s brassiere.

DARE: walk out the street and pose for 5 seconds out in the cold….

DARE: crawl under two chairs…did it!

DARE: wipe vinson’s sweat with your own shirt. haha. go, gm (sheena)!!!

DARE: carry all the bags on the table.

best dare i did was the sexy dance routine…which i will post after this blog entry. haha. darn. kaulaw.

oooops. wa na mi. we’re dozy.

you saw our fake sleep poses…see the real ones.

oOops…looks like timoi really went into the light.

i sleep with my hands cupping my nose.

Lourdes!! Last time I heard her say before seeping into abrupt silence was shouting: BBB!!
Basil and I asked her…what she meant by BBB and she said:
Barangay Bagong Buhay!!!
We couldn’t stop joking her about that after the trip.

Sheena (the GM—or General Manager sa kiosk)

sleep na mo oi, 5AM pa ta tomorrow. 🙂


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