Siqui trip break! it’s about me, this time!!

OOoohh..this came from the manga entitled, “Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu”…which means, I don’t know.
Anyways, here’s a part I can totally relate to.

I got my first phone when i was still in freshman…well, actually I got the phone almost at the end of my freshman year.
my first text mate was Pato…or in real life, John Bher.
I just enjoy mocking him.
There was a time when I regretted owning a phone.
Because it only made me impatient and anxious for things happening just because I didn’t receive a reply or text message.
The explanation, I guess, can be seen in the picture above.

It mostly relates to my experience when I had a boyfriend in high school. i know it seems like i don’t need his text messages because i don’t reply to most of them because I’m in a tight budget for load. haha.
But the more he texts, it annoys me…not because i think it’s very unnecessary. it just made want to hear from him more.
and that anxiety annoys me.

so EXPECTEDLY, when he stopped texting…it made me think a lot of things…like he wanted to break up with me but he just doesn’t want to hurt me (which some guys i know tell me that it’s one of their ways of breaking up in a relationship).
i was right at the first time.
freshman college, i texted him and i was right. just a few weeks away from each other and he broke up with me…or something like that.
and then, when he came was hard to trust him any more. any single length of time (months) he stop texting and i conclude that he didn’t want me anymore.
and that became a cycle.
any time i think he ignores me, it was easy for me to conclude without much evidence. hehe.

anyways, i’m getting better.



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