measures of stress

“I’m ready to quit school anytime,
I’ve already done my part.
I won’t miss school when I graduate anyway…
I’ll only miss my classmates.”

BAD: Only after 3 days, I finally finished reading the 6 chapters of our finance coverage.

WORSE: I haven’t studied the other subject that I’m going to take this afternoon aside from finance and it’s already 10AM!!

WORST: Has anyone looked at my face lately?

ahem…let me explain the pictures.
Although it can’t be seen in the pictures (it would freak me out if you notice it), i have three gray hairs on my head adding to the already existing number at the back of my head.
Eyebags…as if i already don’t have much baggage…few hours of sleep and too many hours reading and frequently playing solitaire on my lappy.
i actually bought a headband to block the short hairs from banging on my face when the electricfan (which i have turned on to level 3) moves towards my direction.
FYI: i also bought hair clips…desperate.
and…i actually fixed my hair!!! ahhh!!!
one more point:
PIMPLE! very very big one.
It’s a battle scar people. wear it proud…agh…it’s blocking my sight actually. 🙂


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