everything is churva

no, i’m not going to quote anything from the article “Churva 101” from the Weekly Sillimanian.
but that article did seem to ignite the start of this story.
if not for the article, “churva” might have been a recent part of cebuano history…or even yet the gay lingo history.

so, what’s with churva?
sheena: so i found out this guy who’s courting me might be my cousin. and to think nag-churva2 na mi before we got to know each other!
kioskm8s: ha?! unsay churva?
sheena: nagsuroy2 around the mall bah before we actually talked about that. (looking at our expressions) you were not thinking of anything green, right?

“Near, Far, churva-lo-lo…”
di ta makadaog og Singing Bee ana.

so what’s with churva again…
“nag-churva na mi”

that’s what churva means….and i’ll tell you who that was…

Here’s how soon is now:

nakz!! i can’t tell you! you wouldn’t believe me anyway!!
[proceed to next topic]


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