Will the past really come get me?

i like to think myself never doing bad things…
i’d rather like to think that i do good things badly.
for instance, like how i handled my ex-roommate who i think stole my wallet but then returned it anyways (refer to December 2008)—
or my ex-roommates who were lesbos (refer to June-July 2006).
—i’m actually doing the right thing.
upholding policies,
saying what i think is right…
…but maybe in a repulsive, rude way.

so, will the past really come get me?
i hope not.
but i think i’m almost getting there.
after all, the world’s getting smaller…
and the phrase, “I never want to see you again” no longer exists.

in summary, facebook is fun. but it connects you to the past.


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