This is quite serious.
Everything happening in one day.

Conversation #1
Place: Outside Portal Office, 2nd floor Cooperative
Time: 3:00PM
Date: Yesterday

Just left alone by Albert (I call him Berto for fun!), Kang, Jesma, Dianna (they call her Dirty Dianna…and I still don’t know why)…
Kaiser approached me in my solitude.
K: Hey! Where did everybody go?
C: Hm? Uhm..Albert is at the VPAA’s office, Jesma and Dianna are at the Students’ Accounts section and Kang is at the evaluations office.
K:…and Jaja is taking her exams…
C: Aw o ((confused because Jaja was never there anyways…))…she’s taking her exams.
K: Chai, does Jaja have a boyfriend?
C: (Well..that was direct) Why? Are you interested?
K: What if I say I was?
C: Hm…I don’t really know. You should ask Kang about that, they talk about those things a lot. But..I think no…she doesn’t have a boyfriend.
K: Ah…
C: (thinking…) Hm…If you’ll treat me right now, I’ll make sure you have points for her.


I talked about our weird conversation to Jesma and Kang…and dirty Dianna. Berto can’t be included. This is girl talk.

Conversation #2
Place: Cafe Antonio
Time: 7:00PM
Date: Yesterday

Jaja is trying to talk about her feeling weird of Kaiser’s treatment to her.

J: I can’t believe Kaiser told Jesma to turn down the volume of the music just because I was studying.
((By now, Jesma and I were eyeing each other…bluetooth”ing” our thoughts))
Je: Wow, Ja. You’re talking about him. He’s okay though.
J: It’s not that he’s not okay. He just bothers me.
C: (eyeing Jesma) So, are you telling me that you think he’s interested in you?
((jesma laughing secretly))
J: N-no….
C: So are you telling me that you’re interested in him?
J: Noo!!!! of course not…
Kang: But he’s okay bya…

Haha. I wonder what will happen in the portal office now that Kang, Jesma and I have gone home and Jaja and Kaiser are left all alone together.
I couldn’t tell jaja that Kaiser expressed his interest…it would be awful..and scary on her part. hehe.


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