here’s to the joy of being twenteen!
loosen up, chai.
you are in for the big two-oh.

every year—excluding the times when I’m too young to remember…things have always been the same.
not for now.
i’m going to change everything.

but before dipping our toes into some serious life changing topic…let’s take in the other bullet points for the day.

i’ve finally downloaded the PS emulator…where I can finally play the game Legend of Mana (it’s a game I used to play during summer freshman year…I remember because there’s this monster…a duck with a soldier hard hat thingy…and I called it Captain Pato in the honor of my frequent summer textmate at that time…John Bher!! Wherever you are…you are still Pato.))

i got my form 137—–well, not really. this is more of a certification of my grades. If Silliman wants the form 137—they should request it from our school. Haven’t I told you yet? That rude woman in the Evaluations Office asked for my form 137 even when I already submitted the original one during enrollment!!

talked to nica and kring2 about their life…topics ranged from miracles—to psycho girlfriends of the exes…woooh-hoh…even mackie ((the oldest topic of the world “John Mark S.”…well next to my own love-one-who-doesn’t-love-me topic, i’m not allowed to name him…he might be reading)).

seen rychenn (after a very long time…last time i saw her was high school!!)), jia ((and that wonder boy everyone is telling me that she’s crushing on…his face is on a tarpaulin!! wow! that’s manila’s version of a billboard ad…joke..overacting.))

oOoh..and you’re going to know this first!! even sheela doesn’t know this yet…and she’s chatting me now in FB so she would get a bite of the news…well, she’s never going to think about visiting this site to know that….Shawn and Nica are dating…as in Shawn Nikkolai Tan…ACCK!! I used to think that his mannequin eyes…coupled with his long eyelashes are freaky…but Nica has long thought of it as cute…and whoop! match!!!

so i got what??! for my birthday?
well—aside from the mass (that i didn’t attend…) and the rosary (i hated the people that came here…they are feelerettes and they deserve to be punished)…

i got this! ((picture shown above)) it’s a peppermint ward off evil spirits…possible future ex-boyfriend stalkers ((joke! that will never apply to me…i’m the stalker here.)), hold-uppers…mean teachers…and possibly if i hate myself, i’d try it on myself..haha.

i still remember my 17th birthday…i had pimples on both cheeks…good thing on this one…i only have one…and i acquired it during my three-day study on Finance…it looks small here. but it was HUUGEEE!!

okay..serious depth learning will be typed in here later…will update this very blog…after i get rid of the guests outside.

and by the way…happy birthday to me! šŸ™‚


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