Dgte—Going back to Oz as soon as possible

Hello people in the net.
I’ve said adieu to Ozamiz as I have wandered off to Dumaguete to see my dreams and career and well..whatever. I needed to be here for two reasons:
(a) student council
(b) portal

And I want to get back to Ozamiz for three reasons.
(1) for my friends
(2) family!!!
(3) possible encounter with a certain person whose my relationship with him is quite muddy…

But heck! did you know that after three years…he was able to greet me on my birthday!!! so, great!..ahem. the celebration would have been grander if …I didn’t initiate the conversation so he would greet me…”btw”

Well, anyways…I don’t care. I learned not to be so disappointed…but that doesn’t mean I never hope anymore for effort from him or a clearer relationship…I have learned that disappointment is inevitable and I should still hope.
mwah! 🙂

wait for me.


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