note 1:

this has been a problem of mine since …since i’ve heard of it…and i don’t remember anymore when was the first time a person said this to me.
let me ask you one thing: what do you say to a person who tells you “mangaon ta” as respect towards you when he/she sees you coming in while he/she is eating?
he/she actually is not inviting you to eat ((most of the time))—rather it’s a form of respect. it’s a filipino trait that i have not mastered yet.

so, what do you say?
please comment or text me: 0905-xxxx-xxx

note 2:

stop scratching your crotch!

—specifically when you’re in front of me…in the same room as me ((unless you’ve done a frequently practiced maneuver where people will not be able to see you do that))…or when there are other people around.
i’m specifically thinking of one person when i begin this note.

hm…i can’t say his name.
i’ll call him AD. it stands for something…a clue to who he is.
please…at first i thought he was just adjusting his underwear or something because it’s uncomfortable…but when he’s doing it more than a few times…as if it’s a mannerism ((like scratching your nose or something))…it’s really bothersome.

i think everybody else noticed it…but they never talked about it.
—well, we never had a time without AD anyway…so there’s no sureness if that topic will be brought up once he’s gone.


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