conversations with patooei

i don’t know if we would still continue our conversation…but maybe there’s something wrong with his connection that’s why he’s been silent even after i replied very nicely. haha.
this will serve as my memento for our weird conversation.

cardboredmail is me, by the way.
italicized texts are my quick thoughts

Jon Bher Saturinas: nosy!!
Jon Bher Saturinas: ahahaha

cardboredmail: patoooeie

Jon Bher Saturinas: marry me! ahaha joke
Jon Bher Saturinas: gae ko number beh

cardboredmail: wow…desperate
((i hope the theory that jokes are half meant doesn’t apply here))

Jon Bher Saturinas: mag samok ko kng wla ko lingaw
Jon Bher Saturinas: ehehe

cardboredmail: haha, nakz…di na kaayo ko tigtext. globe ka?

Jon Bher Saturinas: yu[
Jon Bher Saturinas: yu[p
Jon Bher Saturinas: globe and sun

cardboredmail: 0905XXXXXXX (guard this number with your life, only privileged people get to save this on their phonebook)

Jon Bher Saturinas: wow… i’m so priviledged now…ahaha

cardboredmail: thanks for appreciating the hierarchy of our humble may speak, servant

Jon Bher Saturinas: ahahaha… you talk like a nerd. >.>

cardboredmail: ouch…queenlike bya dapat to..haha. btaw, how’s life? still stuck in college like me?

Jon Bher Saturinas: doing good… suck in school, but doing better in other things..

cardboredmail: char! wer na gani ka gaschool?

Jon Bher Saturinas: university of cebu
Jon Bher Saturinas: graduating na ka?

cardboredmail: who gets to say i’m graduating?! i can’t declare that myself…murag sure kaayo ko. i’ll wait for the invite to my own graduation before ideclare nako ako self as graduating…

Jon Bher Saturinas: ahaha…. really?? ok
Jon Bher Saturinas: how about luvlyf? colorful? hehe

cardboredmail: i still love my family!
cardboredmail: and friends…

Jon Bher Saturinas: i’m referring to the intimate kind of lovelyf, higher than friendship and something outside the family

cardboredmail: now, you’re speaking geek language.

Jon Bher Saturinas: not geek for me…

cardboredmail: absence of all colors…black.

Jon Bher Saturinas: ahh.. owkies… single and not accomodating??

cardboredmail: what about u? i think you would want to answer your own question. naa kay news sa imo colorful lovelife?

Jon Bher Saturinas: it’s not the lovelife that’s colorful… it’s the sex.. wahaha

cardboredmail: wow
cardboredmail: w-o-o-w

Jon Bher Saturinas: sshhhh,,,
cardboredmail: i think i need to pray to God muna…it might help your soul

this is an almost unedited version ((the only thing i edited was my phone number))
shockers noh?
during summer of freshman highschool year…we never talked about this. usually, we just talk about random stuff.

let’s see if we ever get to continue this conversation. i’m rolling my sleeve for this.
and i want to repeat…
is this really him? or did someone hack into his account and i became the target here???


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